Hello and welcome to my To Craft A Home blog! My name is Kate and I’m the writer/creator/crocheter behind To Craft A Home.

I started my journey with crafting in particular at an early age where as a child I was always absolutely amazed over the creativity that some people possessed. The ability to make useful items, particularly toys, out of everyday materials around the house was fascinating and unbelievable. I grew up watching the older neighbor lady down the road creating dolls out of stockings, family friends creating knitted bears for hospitals, and my own grandma sitting around the camp fire on weekends just crocheting away with blankets and clothing garments in hand. How they could work up items so quickly was beyond my comprehension and always it seemed that the best gifts were those that were handmade. As I tell my own daughters, a handmade gift, particularly my crochet, is built with love in every stitch.  Each stitch is like a hug. The best kind of gifts indeed. I would spend many years just admiring the ability of artisans, seeing artistic value in every bit of their existence, but it would be many more years before I found my own calling in crochet after the birth of my first daughter inspired me to pick up the hook and give it a go. I simply wanted to have the ability to create gifts for my children over the years and crocheting just came naturally. By 2010 I was addicted to yarn and my set of crochet hooks and there was never any looking back, just moving forward. I’ve been writing my own patterns for three years now, finally deciding to make up a blog to share them through outside of Etsy and Ravelry.

In addition to this blog and crocheting I am also a wife to a really great guy and have been married since 2007. My husband Jon is my biggest form of support and the backbone of my little business, always going for late night yarn runs, mail drop offs, and assembling my farmer’s market booths every weekend of the summer market. He’s endlessly by my side and an enthusiastic voice of encouragement in any and all ways. I’m also a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. My journey to motherhood started in 2009 with the birth of my eldest daughter Juliet and in 2012 my youngest daughter Iris was born. These kids are the source of my inspiration and the best models and testers of my product. Most toys I make come directly from their input. Hats made are with them in mind. There’s nothing I love more than seeing them enjoy the items I’ve made, especially those little toys they hold dearest and hold tightly at night as they sleep. Kids keep us young and I like to think that my youthful side is always a direct result of them giggling with me each passing day.

I should also note that I’m a huge cat person owning four felines. Shiva, Jameson, Moon, and Tyrion Cattister make our home that much fuller and interesting. These cats are also a heavy inspiration behind many of the cat products I create! With every crocheting session I can be found with at least one cat in the same room watching on, perhaps wondering if the next item I make will be a costume, hat, or sweater for them to model. They’re exceptionally more thrilled if it’s ever a crochet catnip toy!

And so, that’s my life in a nutshell. A simple, yet enjoyable life. Wife. Mother. Homemaker.  Feline enthusiast. Artisan. It all keeps me busy and happy and really, what else could I ask for?

With this blog I cannot wait to share with you all of the patterns I’ve come up with! My hope is that you will take away enjoyment and fun from the ideas I come up with and maybe you too will be able to give away gifts of love with every handmade item you make!

You can find me on
Raverly: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/to-craft-a-home

Etsy: http://www.tocraftahome.etsy.com


Happy Crocheting!