My Crawly The Spider

It’s finally October!!! Yay for the first day! And because it’s October it’s officially HALLOWEEN MONTH!!!! Can you tell Halloween is big in this household? Seriously, for me, Halloween officially begins September 1st. Heck, I’m creating little Halloween projects in July! The main thing here though is to note that my family and I absolutely love and adore all things Halloween. My kiddos have especially taken on this extreme excitement over the best time of the year. And because of this Mr. Crawly the crochet spider was born. 

Seriously, how cute is this guy?

The idea came one afternoon in July during our long, hot farmers market days. The temperature was reaching 90 degrees so the customers were quite sparse that day. To pass the time I was doing what I always do. Crochet. My youngest daughter, Iris, was out and about helping to organize toys. I was itching to make up a Halloween project for the upcoming year so I decided to bounce ideas off of one half of the creativity behind To Craft A home (the other half being my oldest daughter). It was then that Iris suggested I make a spider. Not just any spider though. A extra cute, adorable, cuddly spider. I whipped this guy up within the hour and soon enough Iris approved of him by hugging him close and giggling in delight. The best part? She named him. Mr. Crawly. How perfect is that?

Since then Mr. Crawly has gone on numerous adventures within her bedroom walls, the backyard, and all our long car rides. He makes webs out of excess yarn, crawls up everybody’s arms and legs, and is the mastermind behind all of her little pranks! Because my daughter has had such a blast playing with this little guy I’ve decided to offer up his pattern for free so that everyone else can enjoy him just as much! He’s a great addition for any Halloween decor or gift projects for this upcoming Halloween too!


  • 4.00mm crochet hook

  • Black worsted weight yarn

  • 9mm black safety eyes

  • Polyfill stuffing

  • embroidery needle

This spider will be worked all in one piece.

6 sc in a magic circle.

Round 1: inc in each st around (12)

Round 2: *sc in 1st st, inc in the next; repeat around (18)

Round 3: sc in 1st 2 sts, inc in the next; repeat around (24)

Round 4: sc in 1st 3 sts, inc in the next; repeat around (30)

Round 5: inc in 1st st, sc in the next 28 sts, inc in the last st (32)

Rounds 5-6: sc in each st around (32)

Now you will begin to form the legs. They will continue to be worked in the round with ch sts forming the legs.

Round 7: sc in 1st 2 sts. Now the legs will form:

Ch 20. In 2nd ch from hook 3sc. Work your way down the ch st back to the body of the spider inserting 3sc in each ch st. This will be your first leg and it will curl as you work your way back down.

Sc in the next 2 sts on body. Ch 20 and repeat the leg step 3 more times to form 4 legs on one side of the spider body.

Continue the round with a sc in the next 8 sts. Ch 20 and begin to form 4 more legs on the opposite side of the spider. (Ch 20, 3sc in each ch down, sc in next 2 st on body, repeat). Finish the round with a sc in the final 8 sts that remain.

Here you will want to insert your safety eyes between the sets of legs between rounds 6-7.

Round 8: dec in 1st 2 sts, sc in next 28 sts, dec in final 2 sts (30)

Round 9: sc in 1st 3 sts, dec in the next; repeat around (24)

Round 10: sc in 1st 2 sts, dec in the next; repeat around (18)

Stuff with polyfill stuffing at this point.

Round 11: sc in 1st st, dec in the next; repeat around (12)

Round 12: dec around (6)

Round 13: dec around until sealed. Fasten off and weave in ends.

And how easy was that!? A cute little spider friend right in time for Halloween! It can’t get any better than that!

All designs & pictures are copyrighted by To Craft A Home 2017. Pattern is for personal use only and can’t be resold, republished, or redistributed in any way. You may sell the finished project if you so desire, but please give credit and link to my or my etsy

14 thoughts on “My Crawly The Spider”

  1. Hi! I’m not able to download this from ravelry. There’s nothing in the download box to click on. Am I doing something wrong? He sure is cute!

  2. Hi ~ This is an adorable pattern. I’d like to make a bunch of them to give out to the little ones who are too little to eat candy, on Halloween. I’m not sure about how to continue crocheting around after the legs are done. There doesn’t seem to be a clear line of stitches. Is it just an eyeball it kind of thing or have I messed up somewhere.

    1. Hi Jeanne!

      Let me see if I can help explain the spider rounds a little bit more. I know it can be a bit confusing! Right before you start the legs you will have 32 sc stitches on your round. As you work up your legs we will be not only working the legs up, but also maintaining the stitch count in the process. That part is pretty simple and you just work up the legs as you have been, so if you have 8 then you’ll be good!

      After you complete the legs you will find yourself back to the original round of the body and there are 32 stitches. This is where we leave off and where you may be experiencing confusion. I start the next round with exactly one decrease and sc in the next 28 stitches. After that you’ll finish that round with one more decrease for a total of 30 complete stitches for this first round after your legs are worked up. Then from that point you just follow the rest of the pattern and continue to decrease your rounds, stuff the piece, and fasten off. I hope that helps! And in all honesty, if you’re off a couple of stitches it won’t matter too much because it’s all about decreasing and finishing up the little spider guy at this point. The important shaping is done before and during the leg process!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or need assistance with the pattern! I love your idea to pass these out for trick or treaters! I may have to use that idea as well!

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m going to give it another shot and if all else fails I’ll just attach the legs separately. The little ones love getting the crocheted goodies when they’re too little for candy but mom and dad can’t resist dressing them up and making the rounds on Halloween. You can never start too early 🙂 One year I gave out little stuffed pumpkins and last year was pumpkin drawstring bags. Your spiders will be perfect this year. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Ever consider a YouTube tutorial?

          1. Thanks again Kate – a video would be very helpful. I’ve been crocheting for years but I just can’t get the body to look nice after the leg round. Do you crochet under them, over them? I gave up and made a bunch of legs to attach separately. By the way, the spider looks great in purple for Halloween and I might make some in orange too.

          2. After the legs you should work a round right below them. You can work extra stitches in at the base of the legs (the part that meets the round you’re working on) if you need to as long as your next round has 30 stitches. After that you just decrease to finish up. Attaching legs separately works just fine as well though if it’s easier for you! I’m sure they look fantastic in purple! Maybe try some with two colors too! Limes, orange, black, purple.. Could look really cool!

  3. Ok so I made it to the part to start the legs of the spider but I’m not understanding. So I get the part about doing 2 single crochets and then it jumps to ch20. In 2nd ch from hook 3sc. And so on can you please tell me how to do that part? I tried to find a video on YouTube showing how to chain but all I could find was how to start a chain. Thank you

  4. I think I figured it out. It took me a bit. A lot of attempting and restarting. But I think I finally got it.

      1. So I’ve made 2 of the mr crawlys for the cats and now my kids want a gaint one for Halloween as a decoration. So my son picked out bernat big blanket yarn in the colour black so I can make a gaint one. One ball so far has gotten me to round 5 lol I guess I’m going to need to buy more 😁. I’ll message again when I finish because I want to show a picture of the gaint mr crawly.

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