Sunflower Baby Hat

It’s August and that means it’s officially sunflower time! This hat in particular came to light when I found out I was having another little girl, and not just any little girl, but a little girl expected in August! Every August I associate seeing sunflowers everywhere, as well as visiting mammoth sunflower fields. They’re so sunshiney and happy. Who can resist them?  Naturally I linked my little one to these beautiful flowers and wanted to make her first hat something special so the sunflower baby hat came to be!  Continue reading Sunflower Baby Hat

Bee and Sunflower Mobile

As the days dwindle down in my pregnancy I’m putting together the last pieces to our baby’s nursery. All must be in its rightful place, organized, and completely ready for baby. I’ve been reflecting back to the whole process of putting together this living space. So much work went into it and I’m very excited to start using it with our baby. Everything came together relatively fast once our theme was chosen and one could argue that was the most difficult part about assembling said nursery! My husband and I figured it out quite quickly when we discovered we were having another baby girl a couple months back. An August baby certainly called for sunflowers and bees. Then came the idea to make her a mobile inspired by the decor of her nursery. If anyone else is expecting a summer baby like me, or just loves everything to do with sunflowers and bees, this might be the pattern for you!

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